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Art Gallery in Miami With A Fusion of Bright Bold Colors 

Exclusive Original Oil Paintings by the Artist Laelanie Larach

A small apartment with a traditional layout can be enhanced by the use of brightly colored original abstract art as a mood lifting tool that creates calm,drama and comfort. Pick your favorite artwork at our art gallery located in Miami to enhance your mood at home with these bold colorful paintings that match every room’s design to your taste.

Abstract Art for Sale Online 

Abstract art by Miami artist Laelanie Larach, latin art for sale in Miami. Contemporary bedroom decor with bold colors.
Abstract art by Miami based artist Laelanie Larach, modern bedroom decor in Miami. Art for sale Miami.

Unique Abstract Art for your Home Decor

Colors makes a tiny room feel larger using bright bold abstract paintings and making it cozy.It is easy to combine a bright and bold pieces of artwork with a neutral background and furniture.  The result transforms the entire space, filling it with energy and color.Brightly colored pieces of abstract artwork will bring positive energy into an otherwise plain and lifeless room.

Art for Sale, Abstract Paintings by Miami based artist Laelanie Larach, Gallery of Abstract Paintings and Latin Fine Art.

“In my own artwork, I love to use bold colors.  One of my favorite colors is red, which I find attractive and elevates my mood even while I am using it on a painting.  In fact, I feel truly alive when I am painting with bold colors, each abstract painting reflects the love for our natural surroundings and colors”

Miami Based Artist Laelanie Larach, Honduran Artist in Miami.

Miami Based Artist Laelanie Larach

“At the beach, life is different. Time doesn’t move hour to hour but mood to moment. We live by the currents, plan by the tides, and follow the sun. I get inspired by the ocean and all the beautiful surroundings of our nature”

“Nature has been one of my biggest inspirations while im doing an abstract painting or feelings that pops in my mind, each painting is done with all the dedication and creativity that gets my thoughts into the canvas.”

Each one of Laelanie’s abstract or contemporary paintings are unique.  Her signature works use vibrant colors and energy. Throughout her body of work one can see recurring themes drawn from her early experiences in Honduras, including aspects of her inner thoughts and emotions. Visit our art gallery in Miami to see her latest art collection.

“Tropical Lady of Summer” 36x36x1.5in – Oil on Canvas Year: 2017

Original Oil Painting ,Tropical Lady of Summer by Miami Based Artist Laelanie Larach

Colorful Latin American Art

Art Gallery in Miami of Unique Art for Sale by Miami Based Artist Laelanie Larach

Art Gallery of Original Fine Art in Miami and Abstract Paintings by Miami based artist Laelanie Larach. Exclusive fine art available at Laelanie Art Gallery. Art for Sale Miami. Galleries abstract art Miami.
Portrait art Miami, latin lady painting, art for sale Miami, Original oil paintings by Miami artist Laelanie Larach, Honduran fine art. Art Gallery in Miami.

Original Abstract Art and Style 

New original oil paintings! Both colorful abstract paintings with vivid colors and exotic designs available at Laelanie Art Gallery. Check the new abstract paintings and nautical collection of fine art by Miami based artist Laelanie Larach. Our art gallery only sells the best original oil paintings in Miami, Florida.  

Abstract paintings for sale in Miami by Laelanie Larach, Miami Artist. Art for Sale,Art Gallery in Miami of Abstract Paintings.
Abstract paintings for sale in Miami by Laelanie Larach, Local Miami Artist, Miami Based artist, Art for Sale. Art Gallery in Miami.


Original Abstract Fine Art for Sale

Her art gallery in Miami of exquisite abstract paintings is a fusion bright vivid colors that brings life to any space decor. Each original oil painting has a story behind related to her country of origin “Honduras” a place that gave her inspiration in her artistic career. 





Exclusive Collection of Colorful Abstract Art, Decor Your Home with Style

The contemporary style is used a lot in Miami creating a fusion of art and architecture when it comes to home decor. A nice colorful oil painting will bring joy to a neutral white decor and always keep in mind that vivid colors gives positive vibes inside a space. Laelanie Larach abstract paintings reflects that positive vibe blending with her signature bold colorful paintings creating unique style. Her new collection is based on nautical paintings with bright huge abstract sailboats sailing in the ocean and sunsets and her nautical paintings has that adventure in the sea that transfer your thoughts to the sky in her oil paintings of sunsets,sailboats and huge curvy clouds of colors.

Another collection super cool at the art gallery is title “Summer” a colorful contemporary series of oil paintings inspired by her latin background, the collection shows long neck,sexy ladies with huge colorful flowers enjoying her latin surroundings. The concept is different and unique from other latin american art in Miami.

Nautical paintings for sale by Miami artist Laelanie Larach. Miami Based artist, Gallery of abstract paintings in Miami.
Abstract Painting by Miami based artist Laelanie Larach,Laelanie Art Gallery

Art Gallery of Abstract Paintings and Modern Art

Unique Art Gallery in Miami of Abstract Art

When you buy an original painting you know that you will be receiving a unique art piece directly from the artist. Her colorful paintings are hand painted with high quality artistic materials that will last forever. Each painting is unique and you can purchase the original artwork at our art gallery in Miami or at the online art shop.

Art gallery miami larach, Art for Sale Florida.

Original Oil Paintings Limited Edition Best Art Gallery in Miami

Latin Art by Miami based artist Laelanie Larach 

Art Gallery Visits by Appointment

Upcoming Art Show in Miami

Home design and remodeling show art exhibit Laelanie Larach, Miami Art.

Art is so important in my life,it has a huge impact on my soul cause it’s a powerful form of expression and it allows me to convey or demonstrate deeply-held feelings; it opens my creativity and takes me to a different level of consciousness where I can show all my thoughts in my abstract paintings.

A certificate is provided with all the paintings I create. It states the following:

– The painting’s name and dimensions
– The artist’s name (myself) and the fact that it is hand-made
– The media used
– My signature and Year

Shipping & Handling

The paintings are professionally packaged with 1/2″ bubble wrap and polyfoam sheets where necessary. The paintings are then placed inside a double-wall corrugated box for added security and ‘FRAGILE’ stickers are placed over the box. UPS is in charge of the packing.

USA Customers: All paintings are sent via UPS, which takes it 2-5 business days to arrive to US destinations. Please note that there are no custom fees on original artwork to the US.

Free Shipping Included in U.S.A.

All International Shippings the client pays a fee. Kindly contact the art gallery for more information.

If you have any questions about the delivery and shipment of your order, please contact us at info@laelanielarach.com

Ph: 305.342.4037