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Each one of Laelanie’s oil paintings is unique.  Her signature works use vibrant colors and concepts. Throughout her body of work one can see recurring themes drawn from her early experiences in Honduras, including aspects of her inner thoughts and emotions.

We all love the bright energy in Miami! Infuse your home with bright colors that pops up your vibe. Add the perfect finishing touch to your seashore or island-themed room with nautical original artwork available at Laelanie Art Gallery.

Blue Flower Painting


We offer a nice collection of photographs based on different themes and sizes. Each photograph is limited edition perfect for your décor projects.Each photograph has a natural concept and captures the essence of our mother earth. The photographs were shot in Honduras,Central America. Unique floral concept is used a lot in Laelanie Larach works capturing a nice macro shot on each photograph giving that tropical glance behind the lens.


As one of the services I offer at my online gallery is the opportunity for you to have a custom portrait of yourself, a loved one, a loyal pet, or your family’s house.  Any such portrait will be a unique piece of art that will be a family heirloom for generations to come.  All you need to do is provide me with one or more photographs of the subject, together with a description in your own words, and I will be able to provide you with a strikingly realistic portrait of the subject rendered in oil paints on canvas to last for generations. 

I have produced many commissioned portraits for clients of themselves, their loved ones, of beloved family pets, and even one magnificent race horse.  Also, there may be a significant moment in your life that you would like to memorialize, whether it be a wedding, the birth of a child, a military promotion, victory on the sports field, a dramatic incident at sea, or some unforgettable event witnessed in nature.  With just a photograph or detailed description I can turn that special moment of your life into a lasting piece of commissioned art. 

I invite you to examine some examples of commissioned artwork I have produced for clients in the past and now include at my website with the clients’ permission.  The gift of a commissioned portrait of a loved one will be a treasured possession for life.  And the memorialization of a beloved pet or an extraordinary moment in your life will provide joy and comfort for years to come.

I invite you to examine carefully some of the custom work I have done for clients at my gallery

Custom Portrait the Wanderer

“Wanderer” , Custom Portrait, Oil on Canvas [36x36in] Art by Laelanie Larach.

Custom Portrait

“I Am Woman” , Custom Portrait,Oil on Canvas [36x36in] Art by Laelanie Larach.

custom portrait

“Rising Star” , Custom Portrait, Oil on Canvas [36x36in] Art by Laelanie Larach.