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Our art gallery has the best art for sale in Miami! The Latin american art of Miami based artist Laelanie Larach is colorful and bold with intense designs. Each painting represents the love for her latin culture combined with her passion for art at a young age, the medium most used in her abstract paintings are oils on stretched canvas and hot colors.

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Summer colors are the signature art style of Miami based artist Laelanie Larach. Her abstract artwork is available at the best art gallery in Miami “Laelanie Art Gallery” we also sell online original oil paintings hand painted by the artist.

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Butterflies are beautiful with a lot of energy! You can see them in the abstract paintings of Laelanie Larach with a variety of styles different from other artists pieces.

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The abstract paintings of Miami based artist are super colorful with abstract.modern styles! The art collection is available for sale at Laelanie Art Gallery.

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Inside the imagination of Laelanie Larach, she also loves to paint abstract portraits using different techniques and designs. One of her recent paintings is title “The Cold Kiss” available at Laelanie Art Gallery.

Latin artist Laelanie Larach. Abstract Paintings for Sale in Miami.

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Colorful abstract paintings available at Laelanie Art Gallery!

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Latin american art at Laelanie art gallery Miami.

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Unique Latin American Art in Miami available at Laelanie Art Gallery! We sell the best original colorful oil paintings for your art collection.

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Unique art gallery in Miami of abstract art and latin american art for sale. The best place to buy art in Miami is at Laelanie Art Gallery located in Miami, Florida

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Guitar painting for sale Miami based artist Laelanie Larach.

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Top Latin American Art in Miami with bright bold colors and unique styles, each oil painting is unique and one of a kind hand painted by Miami artist Laelanie Larach. Available at one of the best art galleries in Miami.

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Latin American Art

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Beautiful art to buy in Miami by Miami based artist Laelanie Larach, a lovely collection of original oil paintings for your art collection.

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Lovely collection with summer colors inspired by flowers and our natural surroundings, each original oil painting is hand painted with love and magic! Our art collection is available at the best art gallery in Miami, Laelanie Art Gallery.

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To buy the best original art in Miami will be at Laelanie Art Gallery, art collection one of a kind with bold colorful colors!

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Where to buy art in Miami? Laelanie Art Gallery hast the best original oil paintings for sale, behind each painting the artist creates a unique story with a fusion of bold bright colors in her colorful paintings.

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Decor in Style with the Best Paintings in Miami of the artist Laelanie Larach

Modern art for sale Miami by Laelanie Larach. Original oil paintings for sale.

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Colorful latin american art with bold bright colors and unique abstract designs

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Art is so important in my life,it has a huge impact on my soul cause it’s a powerful form of expression and it allows me to convey or demonstrate deeply-held feelings; it opens my creativity and takes me to a different level of consciousness where I can show all my thoughts in my abstract paintings.

A certificate is provided with all the paintings I create. It states the following:

– The painting’s name and dimensions
– The artist’s name (myself) and the fact that it is hand-made
– The media used
– My signature and Year

Shipping & Handling

The paintings are professionally packaged with 1/2″ bubble wrap and polyfoam sheets where necessary. The paintings are then placed inside a double-wall corrugated box for added security and ‘FRAGILE’ stickers are placed over the box. UPS is in charge of the packing.

USA Customers: All paintings are sent via UPS, which takes it 2-5 business days to arrive to US destinations. Please note that there are no custom fees on original artwork to the US.

Free Shipping Included in U.S.A.

All International Shippings the client pays a fee. Kindly contact the art gallery for more information.

If you have any questions about the delivery and shipment of your order, please contact us at

Ph: 305.342.4037